Seven Knights: Alkaid
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1 month ago
Mature (18+)
Country of Origin
South Korea
After the Skytria Empire had fallen, but before the War of Destruction— This is a story that unfolded between those times. This is a story that disappeared from history as we know it. -The chronicles of those seven knights- The jewel that bestows tremendous strength to whomever holds it, the “star fragment.” On the Acedian continent, the six nations that held this strength agreed to amend a history of war with the signing of a peace treaty. However, the world falls into madness as the six star fragments are stolen and the saintess kidnapped… “What?! You don’t remember anything?” “Well… I don’t even know my name.” Prince Caleb of Tanesia, the only one to have witnessed the faces of the culprits, was rescued by a search party from the Sung Kingdom comprised of Seria and Shaun, but he had lost all his memories! As they head off to find the saintess and the star fragments and stop a war, they receive a single proposal from a knight caption from Tanesia, Sabrina. “Actually, in Tanesia’s territory, there’s one more fragment.” “Alkaid.” “The Tanesian royal family had hidden it away.”